Friday, September 15, 2006

Dead Power Supply

A story of exceptional customer service.

I purchased a case that had a power supply in it from many months ago. When I first installed the motherboard I tried to power it on. The lights flashed for a split second and then shut down. I check connections and such and it finally worked. It ran for a short time and then it started acting up again. I reconnected everything again and it worked for a month or so. Friends were telling me that they thought it was the power supply. I had my doubts since it seemed to work after wiggling wires. After I had enough problem with it I finally broke down and bought a new power supply, since it was the easiest component to try to replace. I bought a new one since I thought it would be a pain to return and there was probably only a 30, 60, or 90 day exchange policy, which I was past.

Earlier this month I was going through some papers and found the receipt and it said that the case/power supply had a 1 year warranty and an email address to make inquiries. I sent to them and told them the problem. I asked if there was anyway I could just return the power supply and not have to rip out my motherboard. I figured all was lost, since I bought them together and the case was really inexpensive. They came back with an answer fairly quickly and said to not worry about it and they had a new power supply in the mail for me. That was more than I ever would've expected.

I had been worried about doing business with, since the name sounded like a couple of guys in their basement were running the place and I had never done business with them before. I looked around on the web and other sites were referencing them and the price was really good, so I gave it a shot.

I don't know if they had a run of bad power supplies on these and so they knew it was probably bad or if they just have a great return policy, but they had the new part to me in a few days and looks like a better power supply than the one that came with the case. Obviously it is better since it works and the other one didn't, but the new one has dual fans. It is the same wattage and all that, but the dual fans certainly got my attention.