Friday, September 14, 2007

The World Is Your Ash Tray

The main issues that impelled me to write this post has to do with dropping ash and cigarette butts anywhere one happens to be when driving. There are a few other behaviors that I think many people are oblivious to because it deals with smoking that otherwise would be considered inconsiderate and with some behaviors illegal if it was not related to smoking. I will mention a few of these as well.
  • Flicking cigarette butts out the car window.
    • I don't know why this always stuns me when I see it, but I just can't believe that people think this is acceptable.
    • At the stop light, piles of cigarette butts in the median. Littering is still illegal, right?
    • Driving down the road. Fire and gas tanks don't go well together. Always feels great to see a lit cigarette bounce out the window of the person in front of me and then see it bounce under my car.
  • Flicking ash out the window and onto the cars beside and behind.
  • Blowing smoke out the window that the person in the car behind gets to enjoy.
  • People having to walk through a gauntlet of smokers in order to get in and out of a building.
    • Everyone gets to breath, smell, and wear the smoke as they walk out the door.
    • Smoke gets trapped inside the entry way of buildings.
In this post I will not discuss that sitting somewhere smoking is really no different that sitting somewhere shooting heroine. I also will not discuss the "right" to smoke and that other's rights end where mine begin. The point I am trying to make in this post is the following.

I am not an ash tray. My vehicle is not an ash tray. The world in general is not an ash tray.

Prepay Gas Stations with No Pay at the Pump

I have hated these gas stations for a while and this morning I just had to blog about it. At first I tolerated them because they were generally a couple of cents cheaper than gas stations around them. But after a while that wasn't worth it, but I got suckered in because for the last week or so this one has been ten cents or more cheaper than those around it.

Before I could just go in and leave them my credit card and tell them I was going to fill up and then come back in. That right out of the gate was a bad idea. Leaving your credit card unattended bad idea. I consoled myself into doing it, because people do it all the time in restaurants and after all this is cheap gas we are talking about. This time I tried and the lady that appeared to be the trainer or supervisor told the lady at the counter they can't do that anymore. Then the lady tried to tell me to give her my ID. I actually felt better about that than the credit card, but the other lady said no. She then said leave me your car keys, which felt worse than leaving the credit card, since I have keys to both my vehicles, keys to the house, and a device to open the door at work on that key ring. Nonetheless I left them there.

So that was time consuming and a bad security situation. In addition, I had to wait behind people getting their smokes and lottery tickets, which made the process even slower. And I had to wait in line twice, because I had to come back in to pay and to get my car keys. At ten cents cheaper I know this will probably cost me a buck or two more, but if I am alone I am going to drive on by these little mom and pop stations with no pay at the pump. By the way, pay at the pump has got to be one of the best inventions.

I don't care if I have to drive a little further and pay a little more. I am not doing that again.