Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mom Facts

I received an unsolicited email from a web site called Mom Facts. The email stated that they found my site or blog on Google and they thought that it might be of interest to their subscribers and asked that I put a link to them on my site. I replied back and asked which of my sites and blogs they found to be of interest to their subscribers and what was it that they found interesting. My email immediately bounced back as a non existing email address.

I then went to their web site to find a contact link. The site looks like a real site, but their Contact Us link took me to an empty page.

I'm not thrilled at them spamming me. I am interested in getting into relationships with sites of value to me and where we fit each other's subject matter, but I would've preferred they actually contact me directly and have a dialog about my site. Also very unprofessional to not have contact information on a business site.