Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daylight Savings Even Longer Now

More of me ranting about daylight saving time...

As I have lamented about daylight savings time, people who have lived in other time zones before have told me that you get use to it and it actually has its advantages. Now as daylight savings time gets started earlier, computer systems get confused by it, and we squander tax payer money on this rediculous practice even some of them are suggesting that perhaps we just split the difference and just roll forward a half hour and leave it alone. Obviously changing a half hour is just a jest, but the point is that leaving it alone is a great idea and others are starting to see it.

I don't have any idea why daylight savings time is such an important thing to our legislators. One of the theories I have heard recently is that businesses want it so people will be more active in the evenings so they will spend more money. If this is true, they are wasting tax payer money on Daylight Savings Time to do what businesses want and not what is best for the majority of tax payers.