Tuesday, February 07, 2006


WebCertificate.com is a virtual Master Card. I received one of these from an online rewards program in June of 2005 loaded with $25. I was able to use $17 for an online purchase. I have had a terrible time getting the remaining $8, since no one I can find online will take payments from two different cards.
From there the story gets even better. It seems that there is trend going with online services where they are starting to issue domancy fees, service charges, or whatever the particular service is starting to call them onto their customers' accounts. WebCertificates.com decided to start this December it looks like to the tune of $3 a month. I guess they have figure out a way for me to get rid of my $8 that I couldn't get out of there. I'm now down to $2. I received no notice in the mail or in my email, even though they have both of those addresses. They seem to have posted a notice on their site. The irony is that a person whose account is "dormant" probably isn't going to be on the web site and see the change in policy before they start incurring the new charges.
This is not the only business that I have dealt with that has had me pinned to them and then starts charging dormancy fees.

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