Thursday, April 28, 2011

Web Sites That Lie

I keep going to various web sites to do research on various things like home refinancing.  When I get to the site after jumping through hoops I am presented with a button that says "Click Here to See Our Prices" or "Our Rates" or whatever.  Once you click that button you do not get the information they promised you.  What you get is added to a phone list which salesmen then use to solicit you.  When you confront the salesmen about it they say things aren't as simple as they use to be and it is necessary for them to get to know you better before they can give you accurate information.  They say that the information they give is different depending on your circumstances.

This is dishonest and it wastes people's time.  Websites should save people time and not sell them down the river.  I went to the website for information.  If I wanted to speak to someone to get information I would've looked up their phone number on their website and called them.  However I did not do that, thus I do not expect to have to have someone ringing my phone over and over until I answer and tell them to go away.

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