Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oliver Garden American Flag Controversy

I happened upon this story today:

It appears as though an Olive Garden employee refused to let a person bring an American flag into the restaurant.  They were having a meeting with the Kiwanis Club.

Olive Garden has since issued an apology.  The comments I am reading on that story seem to not care about the apology and say they won't go to Olive Garden ever again.

When things happen, even if they are indeed a mistake, it is very hard to undo the damage that has been done.

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Anonymous said...

The action that caused this furor was offensive to me as a wounded combat veteran and to the memory of my brothers-in-arms who did not come home alive.

Still, the company moved quickly to
appologize for the incident. To the extent that we forgive others will we be forgiven our errors; so I was taught in Sunday scholl as a little boy.

America is worthy of our loyalty and respect.

I'm sure the Olive Garden employee who used such poor judgement has been subject to discipline. I, for one, do not have to see that person flayed and drawn and quartered to accept an appology.