Saturday, November 05, 2011

MagicJack Chat Only Support

I will start out by saying that at a certain level I think chat support is a great idea.  I can be doing other things while I chat with them and they can field more than one customer at a time.

MagicJack's chat only tech support has several major flaw that make it unusable for anything more than the simplest fix.

  • Accountability
    • There is no way to get to a manger to nudge things along if their system isn't serving me.  They say they are transferring you to someone that the customers have rate in the top ten percent.  I have never been given a survey to rate the person I have been dealing with, so not sure how they get that they are the top ten percent.  When I ask one of those top ten percent to put me on with a supervisor, they tell me they are a supervisor and they are the last level I can get to.  Generally, I find them to be about the same level of knowledgeable as the non ten percent.
  • Inability to Reconnect
    • I can't get back to who I was working with if I get cut off or have to reboot, in spite of that they say you can give them a number and get right back to them when you reconnect.  It took three hours of trying to get back to the person who was remoting into my system when what she did disconnected our chat session.  Not only could I not get back to her, but I could not get back to anyone on their Live Look team, who handles remoting into people's machines.  For three hours they told me none of the Live Look team had freed up.  When they first tried to transfer me, they were able to throw me to three different Live Look agents in a short amount of time.  When I tried to get back to resume, they had no one they could give me.
  • Ease of Dumping The Customer
    • The ease of just forwarding you to someone else when they don't want to deal with you anymore, before you getting a chance to say no.
      Several times the chat screen said I was being forwarded and it never sent me to anyone.  Additional, between the time you are forwarded and the time the system connects you to someone else you have no one to communicate to that there is a problem.  Much like a really bad voice forwarding system.
I have spent three days totaling 12 hours to try to get them to get my MagicJack to work.  It worked fine for a long time and then stopped.  The first day they escalated me to one of their top ten percent and after two hours I had to go to work and could not spend any more time on it.
The second day I hunkered down and intended to go through it until we got it fixed.  I started around 8am.  They started me over, even though they said they had read my previous chat session.  Several hours into it they started suggesting that I let one of them remote into my machine.  They have given me no confidence in them up until that point, so why would I want them to poke around in my machine?  They eventually bounced me to the remote person anyway.  He immediately asks if he can logged into my system.  I reply "NO", since I had told the previous person no and they transferred me anyway.  He immediately bounced me to someone else.
I reiterated that I want to be walked through how to fix the problem by the remote people without them touching my system.  I am an IT professional and I don't want some stranger messing about in my system.  They said they would ask the Live Look team if they would verbally walk me through.  They forwarded me to them and with in a few minutes of no one answering, I was bounced back.  The guy I had been working with said that he guessed the Live Look team did not want to do it verbally.
I went through several support people all having me do the same things.  Plug it in.  Unplug it.  Uninstall the drivers.  Uninstall the MagicJack software.  Download the set up program.
I finally conceded to let someone log into my system.  What did she do?  Have me unplug the MagicJack.  Uninstall the drivers.  Uninstall the MagicJack software.
Additionally she started closing windows without asking me.  I had been in the process of writing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and she closed it, losing all that I had written.
She downloaded Microsft's Fix It program and had me run it.  When it ran it came back that it failed and in the process killed my chat session.  I saw that the remote software was still running, so I opened another chat session and asked them to reconnect me with her.  I also loaded notepad and typed to her, since she was still in my system.
The new support person said the person I had been working with was helping a customer, so I couldn't be forwarded to her.  How is it that a support person gets disconnected from the person they are working with and doesn't leave a message with someone that they let them know if that person comes back?  Three hours I try to get someone to reconnect me with her while they have me plug and unplug the MagicJack and uninstall, reinstall, and update the drivers.  I never did get connected to her or anyone else in Live Look.
One other thing that they all made me do was drop my firewall and antivirus.  Every time they instruct me to do that, even though they said they read the previous chats where everyone else telling me to do that.
Around 3pm I am working with one of their "supervisors" and they tell me to mess with a bunch of settings in my system that need me to reboot.  I knew how this was going to end.  I would reboot and the chat would be gone and I would get to start over.  She said that the problem was fixed and the reboot would be the end of it.
I rebooted and sure enough it was still broken.
The next morning I started the process over again.  I was able to even get someone to remote in.  She messed around in my router and did all the same uninstalling and reinstalling on the machine as the others.
The remote control lady hadn't fixed anything, but said to reboot.  I told her I had already done that several times and it didn't help.  She closed the chat and the remote control session.
So after 12 hours of tech "support" over three days, here I sit with a device that doesn't work.  This is our home phone and now my family is left without phone service and no one at MagicJack seems to care.  They run through their script and that's all they can do and then they hang up on you.
They give you no way to reach a manager or director of operations or anything.  I couldn't even get them to give me a phone number my lawyer could call.

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