Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Home Air Duct Cleaning

I called Green Home Air Duct Cleaning this morning to schedule to have my air ducts cleaned.  I had Googled and found that they had a coupon on their web site for a $60 duct cleaning.  Their web site was not clear about what their service area was, but when I asked them, then confirmed that they did indeed service Ogden.

We set up for them to come out in two days some time between 7 and 9am.  Later they called me back and said that they had a cancellation for their 12-3pm window today.  I thought that was great that we could get it wrapped up today.  It was already 12:30 when they called to let me know, so I didn't expect they were making it by noon, but I did expect that by 12:30 they had a pretty good idea about what their schedule was like for the 12-3pm window.

The getting me in that day to let me take the spot of a cancellation scored huge points with me and likely would have contributed to me telling others about them if they had done a good job when they got here.  I knew the price was a really good deal and so far the service from their office had been very pleasing to me.  Everything that happened after that erased all of the tremendously good impression I had of them that they had earned in just a few minutes and left me with as much of an impression to the negative as they had made positive and then some.

Three o'clock rolled around and no one had called me to say they were on their way, as the person I talked to had told me they would.  I called to find out where they were at.  The lady I talked to put me on hold for a while, as she called to find out from the dispatcher.  She finally came back and said that the technician was in West Valley, which is almost an hour from Ogden.  Even if they left right at that moment, there was no way they were getting here, even by four, yet no one had called me stating that they were going to be late.

The lady said that they had another thirty minutes of work to finish up where they were at.  She said they would call when they were on their way from that job to come to us.

I went and ran some errands with my family that we had been putting off as we waited for Green Home Air Duct Cleaning to show up.  When we got back, I called them around 4:30 to find out what was going on since no one had called to say they were on their way and it had been almost an hour and a half since I spoke to them and they said it would be a half hour.  I got a different receptionist this time, who also put me on hold for a while while she called the dispatcher.  She came back and said that he was finishing something up in Salt Lake City and was on his way.   Finishing up something in Salt Lake City?  I thought he was coming straight here after he finished in West Valley.  Was he finishing up or on his way?

At almost five the technician called and said he was in Bountiful and wanted to know if we still had time for him to come out today.  We had an appointment at seven, so I asked how long the cleaning would take.  He said it could be as much as two hours, but he couldn't tell until he got here.  We did not have time to wait for him to get from Bountiful and then do a two hour job, so I told him we didn't have time tonight.  He said the office would be calling me to reschedule.  I now have to decide if I want to use this company.  If they can't schedule competently, then will they be able to competently work on my air ducts?  It will likely cost me more to go with someone else, but it might be worth it to make sure everything is done right.

With this big of a botching of the schedule, I would have expected someone to call me tonight to try to make it right and get me scheduled right away, but they did not.

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